On average, the first 10 minutes of every meeting are lost due to technical difficulties. Sound familiar?


In order for companies to maximize the usage and adoption of their new investment, a thoughtful and well-organized training is critical. Often times, trainings are left to the system programmer or project manager who are primarily interested in getting off your site and onto the next one. Often times leading to rushed and poorly executed trainings.  

CDG believes trainings should be custom developed based on the level of end-user acumen.


They should be interactive, fun, and engaging just like the technology itself.   

Most importantly, a good training program should empower users to treat the AV system as a business productivity tool.   

  • End-User Trainings Customized for All Skill Levels

  • Development of User Guides

  • Training for newly installed systems or legacy AV systems 

  • In-person and virtual webinar trainings available

  • Video and audio recorded trainings for continued use for on-boarding