Open floor plans and industrial interiors are sometimes notorious for not adequately addressing the acoustics and speech privacy of the space. A properly designed and specified Sound Masking system can reduce unwanted distractions, improve workplace comfort, and increase speech privacy in open office plans. 


  • Direct Field Sound Masking Systems

  • Plenum Area Sound Masking System

  • Distributed Sound Masking

  • IP Addressable Sound Masking 

  • Converged BGM / Sound Masking Systems


  • Sound Masking Written Specifications

  • Reflected Ceiling Plan Zone Coverage Maps

  • Sound Masking Speaker Wiring Diagrams

  • Validation Testing 

  • Written Rough Order of Magnitude Estimations


Managing meeting room schedules and availability has been a longtime challenge of commercial businesses with multiple conference spaces. In recent years however, room scheduling has evolved rapidly and is quickly becoming a standard part of today's modern workplace, both for increased management and data collection of space utilization.


It's not one size fits all, and considerations beyond simple placement of the wall panel must be carefully coordinated and executed with stakeholders.

  • Room Scheduling requirements discovery

  • Platform comparison and due diligence

  • Coordination with 3rd party system providers 

  • Physical layout of panels, sensors, infrastructure

  • Cabling and pathway coordination

  • Hardware selection and recommendations