• Ernie Beck, CTS-D

The Missing Link in Successful AV Systems: Trained Users

According to one article, "25 percent of meetings are delayed due to technical and/or user issues and on average." Sound familiar? How much is that costing your company in lost productivity?

In order for companies to maximize their new technology investment a thoughtful and well-organized end-user training plan is critical. Often times, trainings are left to the contractor's project manager, programmer, or in some cases no one at all. While the contractor knows your new system inside and out, they are usually more interested in getting off your project site and onto the next one. This approach often leads to rushed and poorly though-out trainings.

If users aren't confident in using their new AV systems it can lead to higher rate of service calls, end-user confusion, failed presentations, and worst of all, system neglect. It's sort of like buying an expensive treadmill with no knowledge of how it works only to have it collect your laundry weeks later.

​The good news? Capture Design provides end-user Training-as-a-Service! We believe effective trainings are the single most critical piece of the close out to a system installation. Trainings should be developed based on a variety of factors and geared towards the level of end-user acumen. They should be interactive, fun, and engaging just like the technology is.

Some good questions to ask before scheduling your first training:

  • Who needs to be part of this training?

  • What technical acumen levels do these end-users have?

  • How much time will be needed to cover the entire system?

  • Are there common use-cases that the training should focus on?

  • Will we get training guides?

Capture Design can work independently or hand-in-hand with your system integrator during new installations to provide comprehensive end-user training. We can also help train (or re-train) users on existing AV systems.

Often times we find that an existing systems useable life can be extended if users are trained properly on its use and care. And the costs for trainings are minuscule compared to the cost of the system, replacing a system, or delayed/failed meetings.

In closing, a thoughtful training program should empower users to treat the AV system as a business productivity tool, not a confusing treadmill.  

Email contact@capturedesigngroup.com if you are interested in a free training consultation.


  • End-User Trainings Customized for All Skill Levels

  • Development of User Guides

  • Training for newly installed systems or legacy AV systems 

  • In-person and virtual webinar trainings available

  • Video and audio recorded trainings for continued use for on-boarding

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