• Ernie Beck, CTS-D

Consumer vs. Commercial LCD Displays

Clients often ask about differences between consumer vs. commercial displays when considering AV technology for their spaces. Why would you need to 2-3x for a 60" 4K professional than a 60" 4K consumer panel? Well, you may not have to. It all depends on your needs, anticipated usage time, budget, and tolerance for service:


Best suited for less than 8 hours x 5 days use, usually includes 1-year warranty which could be void when installed in commercial spaces, IR-only control port, "Smart TV" apps, integrated speakers, utilizes plastic components and passive cooling (i.e. less heat dissipation). Highest panel failure rate, but cheap and readily replaceable. $


Best suited for 8 - 16 hr x 5 days use, usually 2 - 3 year warranty, COM/IP control ports (for control systems), usually integrated speakers, better heat dissipation with metal chassis. $$


Suited for 24x7 use, ruggedized glass panel options, 3-5 year warranty, COM/IP control ports, metal chassis and active cooling (best heat dissipation). Lowest failure rate. $$$

Picking the right displays for your office environment depends on a lot of factors and acknowledgement of potential risks vs costs.

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